x-Tools for Adobe® InDesign®

Frequently Asked Questions / Contact

Installation / Getting started

How do I install x-Tools?

Just download the latest installer package from this website and expand it. You will find further information about the installation process inside the installer package and the user account will need administration rights for a proper installation.

Where can I find the Adobe Extension Manager?

Prior to Adobe InDesign CC, the Extension Manager is automatically installed when you install your Adobe application. You can launch the Extension Manager from the Start menu in Windows or the Applications folder in Mac OS. For Adobe InDesign CC, please follow the instructions which can be found inside the installer package.

Can I also install x-Tools on my second computer?

The license agreement of Adobe InDesign allows you to install and activate the software on a second computer. We follow this rule. Just use your activation code on the second computer again.

Tipps & Tricks

Do I have to process each font separately?

Nope, x-Tools will check each single font you used in the selected artwork and it will automatically detect the font with the smallest character height. Just use the option "Keep proportions" to keep the ratio between the different fonts and font sizes.

Can I also use x-Tools to check existing artworks?

Sure, just select the textframes or objects you would like to check. Activate the option "Avoid text downsizing" and hit OK. You will get a message in case all characters are larger or equal to the size you defined in the dialog box.

Is it possible to round up the font size?

The calculation of the height is very accurate and you will get font sizes like 6.485 point. Just use x-Tools again and define the target size to 6.5 point. Don't forget to add "pt" in the field in this case.


I'm unable to install the extension. What's wrong?

Administration rights are needed for a proper installation. Please make sure these extended administration rights are activated for your user account. Don't hesitate to contact us, in case you are still unable to install x-Tools even by using an account with administrative rights.

I'm getting strange results. Why does this happen?

x-Tools will check the height of all fonts in your selection, even the ones used on white space like a blank character. Sometimes a different font is defined at the end of a paragraph. Please make sure the selection doesn't have any hidden characters with a different font.